The medicals application of calcium phosphate compounds and bioactive glasses are in hard and soft tissue engineering. Hydroxyapatite is very similar to bone mineral, which has excellent biocompatibility. The ability to bone chemical bonding and bone growth promoters.


Tooth enamel is the most mineralized tissue of human body. Its composition is 96 wt.% inorganic material (Hydroxyapatite) and 4 wt.% organic material and water. In dentin, the hydroxyapatite represents 70 wt.%. This inorganic material gives an appearance of bright white and eliminates the diffuse reflectivity of light by closing the small pores of the enamel surface. The process of de- and remineralization is governed by the degree of saturation of oral fluids (saliva and plaque) with respect to apatite minerals.



Calcium phosphate compounds have been used to strengthen bone strength and tooth health (tooth enamel remineralization and dental allergy reduction) in food supplements and drinks. For example, it can be used in chewing gum and energy drinks.



Apatech products can be used to make water purification filters to absorb heavy metals and pollutants.



Apatech products can be used in chromatography to isolate biomolecules such as proteins, nucleic acids and antibodies.

It can also be used as a catalyst, drug delivery, gene delivery and biotechnology.